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A wide variety of sensors and platform configurability allows you to adapt your devices into many different use-cases directly from the cloud.


  • Manage Your Entire IoT Deployment
  • No upfront investment required
  • Cloud, on premise or private Instance available
  • PAYG – Pay As You Go
  • Easy to use web user interface
  • Flexible data hosting and storage models
  • Quickly triage device issues on (hardware, firmware cloud or network)

Technical details

  • Device Sensor Management  (sample rate, upload rate, threshold triggers)
  • Diagnostics (pinpoint if issues reside on hardware,  firmware cloud or network)
  • Battery Life Configuration and Management
  • SIM Price Plan and Data Usage Configuration and Management
  • Automatic Secure Device Provisioning
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Over The Air (OTA) Secure Firmware Updates
  • Device Security Certificate Management
  • Alarms/Alerts

User Management

  • Create new users
  • Categorise users into partner and dealer categories

Device Provisioning & Security

  • Automatic Device Provisioning
  • Device Security Certificate Management
  • Bulk provisioning of devices

Edge Traffic Management

Optimise edge device data usage directly from the cloud and save traffic costs.

  • Adjust data traffic to fit network operators price plans
  • Optimise/compress data

Sensor Management/Control

Configure hardware sensors from the cloud:

  • Add/remove new sensors
  • Create new custom sensor types and data streams
  • Switch sensors on or off
  • Change sensor sample frequency
  • Configure sensor units
  • Control actuators

Data management compatibility

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • AT&T M2X

Edge Power/battery Management

Configure your devices to sense and upload data exactly when you need and save device battery power.

Edge Analytics (Fog Compute)

  • Reduce latency of decisions
  • Solve bandwidth problems
  • Potentially reduce network traffic expenses

Edge Device Diagnostics (Pinpoint)

  • Provide Alarms/Alerts/Statistics/Logging
  • Capture device and cloud history logs for triage of issues
  • Diagnose faults device hardware and firmware issues
  • Diagnose faults network and carrier issues
  • Diagnose faults cloud data management issues

Edge Device Configuration

  • Change data upload interval
  • Switch radios and sensors on or off

Edge Firmware Updates

  • Provide secure system firmware updates
  • Provide secure modem firmware updates

End to End Security

  • Encryption and mutual authentication
  • IoT Node Security and ID
  • Secure Download and Boot
  • Ecosystem Control
  • Message Security
  • Anti-Cloning

Sensor to cloud Validation Framework

  • Test and validate new hardware
  • Test and validate new firmware
  • Test and validate new cloud applications and dashboards

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