Energy & Utility

Minimise greenhouse gas emissions while reducing total costs of meeting energy demand

Energy and Utility Benefits

Integrated intelligence and management tools with real-time control

  • Improve demand supply and forecasting
  • Enable Energy as a Service (EaaS) business models
  • Provide real-time data and control
  • Optimise repair and claims processes
    (warranty and insurance)
  • Predict failure of machinery and reduce engineer callouts
  • Provide service engineers with history dataset of machine usage
  • Enable Demand Side Management (DSM) at scale

Market Segments Served

Energy & Utility

Solar & Wind


Oil & Gas

Accelerate your Time to Market

Offering Hardware solutions, efficient cloud management and full sensor to cloud control, Taoglas Next Gen IoT’s EDGE platform is ideal for creating bespoke solutions as well integrating readily available IoT technologies.

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